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about taka
Award winning hair stylists and master stylists will cut your hair using the best of Japanese, American, and European cutting techiques that make you look not only stylish but are also easy to maintain daily. They will teach you how to style your hair and what to use at home in order to obtain the same style we give you here at the salon. READ MORE »
You have the choice from 5 minute coloring without ammonia using Nano Technology, to the most moisturizing color treatment, depending on your needs. READ MORE »
Our rated No.1 Japanese Permanent technique will give you many curly style choices, and we have both Japanese and American perm solutions depending upon your style. READ MORE »
Our large Variety of straightening techniques and products will make your hair as straight as you wish. We can even make African American hair straight!
We carry many different kinds of extensions. You can choose to have the world famous best quality extensions worn by Paris Hilton know as Dream catchers, Japanese style extensions or micro extensions which are great for thinning hair and are extremely natural looking. READ MORE »
We are 1 of 3 salons in all of California that can create natural dreadlocks for any type of hair. We do have many different kinds of dread techniques and styles for your needs including natural dreadlocks or extensions. READ MORE »
Our special scalp treatment using Chinese herbs and the latest Japanese technology will make your scalp healthier and it will help thicken your hair. We also have hair extensions for thinning hair in which the attachment is invisible and we can increase your hair naturally and gradually. READ MORE »
We all can create any style ranging from casual, conservative or elegant to a wild finish. Let's be creative! READ MORE »
Do you like the smooth and silky look, fluffy and soft look or flat and shinny look? We can create any of these wonderful looks with our many different treatments.
A vital point scalp massage will activate and refresh not only your head (scalp) but also your body and soul. Our famous hair growth massage will help hair growth and make your hair thicker. READ MORE »
Let us help you on this life changing day. Our Specialists here at the Salon can do both your hair and makeup to bring even more joy to this unforgettable day.
Did you know you can curl your eyelashes, permanently? After an eyelash perm you don’t have to use an eyelash curler everyday. READ MORE »
If you are looking for a true tattoo artist, Taka at Body Electric Tattoo and Piercing on Melrose is your guy. His art ranges all the way from a Japanese hardcore style to a simple cute style. Check the pictures of his work! READ MORE »

We have a Japanese nail technician who specializes in high quality nail art as well as Bio Sculpture gel manicures and pedicures. READ MORE »
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